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Robert W. Behrer at Behrer Landscaping

Robert W. (Bob) Behrer (1939-2012)
Until graduation from high school, Bob was raised and worked on farms. Upon graduation in 1957 he was hired to work on the Penn State Golf Course (now the White Course). In the course of summer employment, the superintendent asked Bob if he would be interested in making some extra money spraying lawns for several individuals he knew. The superintendent was no longer interested in doing this himself. He took Bob to Centre Hardware and assisted him with what type of sprayer and spray to purchase and then introduced him to several clients. When Bob asked what he should charge, the superintendent told him that was up to him. From this humble beginning, Robert W. Behrer LLC had begun. Through hard work and reputation spread by word of mouth, the business began to grow. After that first summer Bob was transferred into Heating and Ventilating by the University. Through the years he operated the business on a part-time basis and then eventually began to get employees started in the morning and see them at the end of the day, while still being employed by Penn State.

Finally, feeling confident that he could operate the business on a full time basis and provide for his family as well as employees, in 1967 he left the University and had operated the company ever since until his passing.

Kirk W. Behrer at Behrer Landscaping

Kirk W. Behrer
Kirk grew up with the business and at a very young age went with his father on jobs. Throughout high school he worked for the company and also took an independent architecture curriculum, studying landscape architecture under the guidance of his high school instructor and also E. Lynn Miller and Jim DeTuerk, who at the time had a landscape design practice in downtown State College.

Upon graduating high school in 1981, Kirk attended Penn State University's two-year Turf Grass Management Program, graduating in 1983. Since that time he has continued to work in the company and is involved in most aspects of management, with primary emphasis on landscape design, materials acquisition, lawn care and estimating. He holds a Pesticide License in Category 7 – Turf, and is ICPI and NCMA-SRW certified.

We take pride in our key personnel and appreciate all their efforts
to satisfy our customers and to maintain and grow our business.

Lorrie Behrer

Lorrie K. Behrer
Since Bob and Lorrie's marriage, Lorrie has been the office manager, greeting customers on the phone, doing book work and preparing letters, proposals and other miscellaneous office tasks.

Greg at Robert W. Behrer Landscaping

Greg began working for our firm in the early spring of 1981. He has always been  a hard-working, skilled and innovated individual, and there is very little that Greg cannot do.  His dedication to our company and clients through the many years in good and difficult times is greatly appreciated.  Greg has a Pesticide License in Category 7 - Turf, and is ICPI and NCMA-SRW certified.

Chris at Robert W. Behrer Landscaping

Chris grew up and worked in a family business where he was instilled with a strong, courteous and dependable work ethic. He is a valued employee who is versatile in performing many of the services our firm provides, and takes a special interest in hardscaping.

Ken at Robert W. Behrer Landscaping

Ken is very helpful in all phases of work we provide. One of his main responsibilities is assisting in lawn-care operations. He is dependable, accommodating, dedicated and always willing to help out whenever needed.

Nathan at Robert W. Behrer Landscaping

Nathan recently began working at our firm and comes from an agricultural background. We are pleased to have him with us as he learns and becomes more familiar with our operation.

Traci at Robert W. Behrer Landscaping

Jeff started this spring (2015) and comes with thirty years of landscaping experience. There isn’t much he can’t do as he is knowledgeable in all phases of landscaping and hardscaping. He is also a good mechanic. He is an employee that one can always count on and has a good sense of the the industry and is passionate about his work. It is a pleasure to have him as part of our staff.

Traci at Robert W. Behrer Landscaping

Jason is the most recent addition to our team. He started late this summer (2015). He has primarily worked in the landscape industry since his teens and comes with experience in many phases of the work our firm performs and is willing to learn those facets where he hasn't had exposure. Jason has pesticide licenses in Category 6 – Ornamentals and Category 7 – Turf.